Dunlap Prospect United Methodist Church
Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Worship: 9:00 am

Soul Cafe 10:00-10:15 am
Sunday School 10:15 am

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Pastor Steve's Monthly Message

Message from Pastor Steve

And then, the Illini ran out of gas. A star senior got injured (not badly enough to miss games, but just enough to limit his effectiveness). Young players were not quite ready to assume enough leadership to carry the team through such adversity. Other players seemed to make a simple mistake, here or there, at key moments. The whole team began to lose its focus.

In the end, the Illinois basketball team failed to reach its goals and its head coach was fired. It wasn’t really a very enjoyable season. And I’d rather not have our church follow their up-down-up- down path towards the finish line.

One key difference between the church and Illinois basketball: Illini limited to the roster they started the season with...no mid-year additions. No ability to “make a trade” like in the professional ranks. You can’t grab a spectator out of the stands and suit them up. Well-paid coaching staffs aren’t really all that likely to take advice from even the most passionate of fans.

But this is exactly what the Church has the ability to do...there’s no limit to how many players we can have on our active roster; no limit to the amount of players we can rotate into the game; no reason why anyone needs to be confined to “spectator status” (or even “cheerleader status”). There’s no reason your voice should not be heard.

So let’s suit up...and get ready to embrace a winning attitude and let’s get excited about our future. Let’s get excited that Easter is coming and we get to tell our Story of Resurrection Life to others! Let’s get excited about inviting friends and neighbors onto God’s team with us. Let’s get excited about embracing God’s vision for using Prospect to make disciples for the transformation of Dunlap, Peoria and the world! Let’s get excited about the 20/20 for 2020 Vision Initiative and the opportunity it is bringing to help us hear from God about Prospect’s future!

The University of Illinois may have fired their basketball coaching staff but we’ve got the perfect leadership for our team. Our head coach is a resurrected and LIVING SAVIOR...JESUS! Our General Manager is the All-Powerful Holy Spirit! Our Team President/Owner is the Creator Father! We just need to get in the game and let them lead us to victory after victory!

I’m excited, Easter people, very excited!

<><, Pastor Steve