We’ll let the medical community deal with the first option. The latter is our responsibility… It begins with inviting friends, neighbors, coworkers and classmates into opportunities that will help them rub shoulders with Jesus. It could be a simple invitation to come serve at our Turkey Dinner or to partner with you as you fulfill the Christmas wish list for a Chaddock child. You might invite a neighbor to join us as we roll bandages for Global Health Ministries or to pass out candy with you at our Trunk or Treat celebration. Eventually, you might even invite them to a small group Bible study or to worship.

“Making disciples” continues as we nurture our children and youth towards decisions for faith in Jesus. The Barna Institutes’ long-standing research indicates that at least 64% of all Christians in America accepted Christ as Savior before turning 18 (43% make this decision before turning 14). If you haven’t noticed…there are a lot of children and youth running around Prospect, and there are a few thousand more who call the Dunlap community home.

What does this mean for Prospect?

It means our ministries to children and youth are critical!

They are also “undermanned.” We need you: praying, serving, encouraging, and equipping our youngest Prospectors within the congregation’s ministries to help them grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The 8500 less Christians each day statistic also implies that many are stepping away from the Christian faith. They have been wounded or neglected by other Christians; the Church has failed to nurture their faith; or they simply don’t see the story of Christ’s redemptive love being lived out in a way that helps fan the flame of faith. They, and we, need revival!

And revival isn’t a scary thing. Revival happens whenever we yield to the Holy Spirit more completely, worship more passionately, and serve more devotedly. That’s what we’re all about at Prospect: helping you get more in touch with the Holy Spirit, offering you opportunities to worship passionately, and opening doors for you to serve our church family and the community with the love of Jesus so that the fire of both your faith and theirs can burn brighter! As our 2019 Stewardship Campaign kicks off…I would invite you to join me in praying for revival, first for yourself and then for our church, before letting the Lord lead you to decisions that God will use to make this revival happen!

To God Be The Glory,
<>< Pastor Steve