If I try to take on Satan with my own (spiritual) covering, the result will be no different than walking outside when it’s 40* below zero without a cold. I won’t make it. But Satan is no match for God’s strength and God’s provision, offered to us in Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Satan may be able to take us down if we’re fighting on our own, but we can stand firm if we’re properly fitted with the Belt of God’s Truth, the Breastplate of God’s Righteousness, the Gospel of Peace on our Feet, the Helmet of Salvation on our Head, the Shield of Faith, the Sword of the Spirit and a life of Prayer. In fact, our victory is assured.
Are you tired of the battle? Are you feeling defeated? Are you about to fall down under the weight of your struggles? God has a plan for you…a plan to give you victory!(Just a little insight on the not-so-secret plan: It’s Jesus!)
I have found that a few extra layers of clothing, a warm jacket, a hat, scarf, good gloves and some boots will enable me to “overcome” the cold conditions when I have to be outside. So, too, will the Armor of God help us experience victory over the powerful forces of our spiritual enemy! I hope you will be able to join us as we “Suit Up” with God’s armor…to experience the victory won for us through Jesus.

<><, Pastor Steve

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